MuseBox Server is provided as an executable file. There are 3 executable files:

  • MuseBoxVideo (for video tasks)
  • MuseBoxAudio (for audio tasks)
  • MuseBoxVideoWithIP (for video tasks both DPU and custom IPs)

The executable file are in /usr/local/bin called MuseBoxVideo, MuseBoxVideoWithIP and MuseBoxAudio. For starting a server, simply run the preferred MuseBox command.

For example, if you want to run MuseBox server for video task, run:

# for websocket communication
MuseBoxVideo websocket
# for zmq communication
MuseBoxVideo zmq

The server will be ready in about 30 seconds. When the server is online, it will print this information:

* MuseBox Server is running at port 9696!  *

Pre-built image

You can ask us for the pre-built image by sending an email on [email protected].

You only need to flash the image on a SD card with common image burner. We suggest BalenaEtcher as SD image burner.

License request

In order to obtain the license, you need to request the node locker license.

The license is valid for a specific board, so you cannot use the license on a different node.

For the license request, you need to create the license request file. To do that, simply run this command:


This command generates the file license_request.req in the path /usr/local . You need to send to us the file via email at [email protected] with the subject MuseBox License request and with the message body I accept your evaluation license agreement. Our internal system will check if the email is associated to a valid customer, then, according to your signed contract, the system will respond to you with the license file, called license.lic . When you receive the license file, you need to place the file in this path: /usr/local/bin


If the machine learning tasks seems to give wrong responses, please restart your board.

If you need more help, contact us at:

[email protected]